IDDSI Peasy, Lemon Squeezy?

Do speech therapists know that we’re asking a lot of even the most expert of chefs when it comes to implementing #IDDSI standards?

Gary teamed up with Dysphagia Kitchen and chefs from CH&CO to develop of high-end IDDSI cuisine for the new private Cleveland Clinic hospital in London.

They experimented with IDDSIfying lamb and veg tagines, bhuna, fish pie, and roast chicken meals as well as puddings and soaking solution cakes.

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Dessert - textured modified diets training

Individuals may need to eat a texture modified diet because they are generally unwell, through personal choice or because they have dysphagia.

Dining with Dignity provides complete training for chefs, catering teams, housekeepers, care home managers, carers, registered nurses, activity coordinators or anyone who could be involved in the preparation, cooking and delivery of food to residents at risk.

Watch the video to see what levels four, five and six can look like.

Gary uses no thickeners to achieve the correct consistency. He also shows how the food can be presented without using moulds.

Gary is an experienced Chef/Cook who has worked within a range of care setting and has lots of hands on practical experience that he is able to share and to make a difference with food that benefits the residents/service users. He is reliable and keeps you informed about the work he is undertaking and we have ongoing training sessions with staff in one of our large nursing homes.

Louise Chambers
Milestones trust