IDDSI Peasy, Lemon Squeezy?

Do speech therapists know that we’re asking a lot of even the most expert of chefs when it comes to implementing #IDDSI standards?

Gary teamed up with Dysphagia Kitchen and chefs from CH&CO to develop of high-end IDDSI cuisine for the new private Cleveland Clinic hospital in London.

They experimented with IDDSIfying lamb and veg tagines, bhuna, fish pie, and roast chicken meals as well as puddings and soaking solution cakes.

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New IDDSI descriptors

Dining with Dignity are please to announce that we are now offering training on the IDDSI descriptors which come into implementation in April 2019.

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Swallowing awareness day

Swallowing Awareness Day

Held in Winter 2016 in LLandough University Hospital, Cardiff.

All care roles were invited to this special event to raise awareness of swallowing difficulties and how to deal with them.

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