Dining With Dignity offer the delivery of bespoke training regarding Texture Modified Diets.

We work with anyone who support people with swallowing difficulties.

We have expertise in following the IDDSI Framework and both experience and knowledge to ensure the food is appealing, nutritious and safe for the diner. We work developing, modifying and improving TMDs in all kinds of settings. A care pathway developed for all clients.

Our clients range from non-proft organisations, the public sector (including NHS) to commercial businesses. Working alongside Speech and Language Therapists (SALTS) and Dietitians we ensure the safety of the food, correct nutrition and a balanced diet.

We work with fresh produce where possible, show how to fortify the food if needed and train a variety of presentation techniques without using lots of equipment.

We find that it is more advantageous to train the whole team together, which includes Care Home Managers, RN’s, Carers, Chefs, Caterers and anyone else involved in the food service. They are all on a journey through change, everyone will be more engaged and feel more confident in their approach to this specialized area. This would normally involve three sessions over the period of one whole day.

The whole organisation would understand the following key points.

  • The theory regarding Texture Modified Diets
  • The importance of communication. (Between all departments)
  • The various ways of presentation for a texture Modified Diet.

Meal times are important – We belive that all service users should be able to Dine with Dignity.

Dining With Dignity is operated by Gary Brailsford

“I started my career as a Chef in the Royal Navy and served for 7 years. I then worked in Contract Catering as a Head Chef working at Royal Sun Alliance in Bristol. I then moved to St Monica Trust as a Head Chef, which is a charitable Trust providing care for retired and the elderly offering a wide range of care and support. St Monica Trust is a long-standing charity based in the Bristol area.

The Trust expanded from one retirement village to four retirement villages over a period of 8 years. The number of residents increased from 200 to 1000 (with 1000 staff). The changing needs of the residents had to be met and one area was the Special Diets, especially Pureed Meals that had increased dramatically. This was an area that needed improvement and I felt could really enhance the dining experience for residents on a Textured Modified Diet.

I won the National Care cook of the year competition in 2005 and had my wining recipe published in the Bristol Evening Post. I was asked to do a feature on Nutrition and worked with a few dieticians. That is where it all began and got me interested in trying to improve the presentation and consistencies of the Textured Modified Diets.

Nestle heard of my passion and saw the fantastic presentation techniques of my meals. They then asked if I would train all of their National Dysphagia Representatives at Rashleighs in Maidenhead. This went extremely well and I have since been invited to train staff at homes that Nestle felt needed support. I have since progressed to become the Nestle Health Science Specialist Dysphagia Chef.

Although based in Bristol, I regularly travel around the country to deliver my training.

I am passionate and feel strongly that I want to educate chefs the importance of presentation / consistencies in Texture Modified Diets. It is so important to ensure that you are meeting all CQC requirements Meeting the Individuals Dietary Needs. This passion gave me the inspiration and drive to set up “Dining With Dignity” in 2014. I also feel strongly about showing the importance of improving the whole dining experience and how important mealtimes are for residents, service users and clients.

I am happy to work with Care Providers, Contract Caterers, Chefs, Carers, RN’s, Catering Assistants or anyone or any organisations who feel they need support to improve the presentation or consistencies of Texture Modified Diets.

Do not hesitate to contact me for a no obligation chat about your possible requirements either by filling in the form below or contact Gary Brailsford on 07970155663.