Texture Modified Diets

Individuals may need to eat a texture modified diet because they are generally unwell, through personal choice or because they have dysphagia.

The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative – IDDSI Framework can be prepared and given to all of these individuals but in particular for people living with Dysphagia.

An individual who has dysphagia may be at risk of choking and/ or aspiration of food into the lungs. They may also be at risk of being unable to eat sufficient food to maintain their weight and unable to drink sufficient fluid to maintain hydration. Children may additionally be unable to eat sufficient food to grow.

  • Speech and Language Therapist (SALT) Prescribed diet – Dysphagia, Choking and Swallowing problems.
    This is a prescribed diet that must be followed. May be identified by a Registered Nurse awaiting a SALT assessment.
  • Weakness of the muscles responsible for mastication and swallowing, leading to an increased risk of aspiration.
  • Dementia residents Various reasons, can often dislike lumps in hot food and spit them out.
  • Oral health problems Poor fitting dentures due to weight loss, gum disease. Teeth problems such as missing teeth.
  • Personal choice Residents wanting soft foods if the food is not cooked soft enough, gets tired or unwell and end of life care.

Dining with Dignity
provides complete training for chefs, catering teams, housekeepers, care home managers, carers, registered nurses, activity coordinators or anyone who could be involved in the preparation, cooking and delivery of food to residents at risk.

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