Dining with Dignity provides complete training for chefs, catering teams, housekeepers, care home managers, carers, registered nurses, activity coordinators or anyone who could be involved in the preparation, cooking and delivery of food to residents at risk.

The training has specific learning outcomes for all individual teams, including practical demonstrations and advice for the kitchen staff to include preparation, cooking and presentation of meals, theory and practical demonstrations.

The training includes a workshop with group participation around the delivery of the meal service, and understanding the importance of the dining experience in relation to meeting of individual nutrition and hydration needs.

Why the training?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions,
you need the training.

Dining With Dignity Core Skills Foundation Programme (CSFP) for Cooks and Chefs Managing Kitchens

The chefs training would contain the following subjects:

  1. Core skills – Looking at culinary skills, cooking styles and trends, Time management, Mis en place preparation, Team Management and development. Equipment provision.
  2. Menu Planning, Production numbers planning, ordering correctly by computer and written, budgetary compliance and wastage expectations.
  3. Themed days, event planning, function menus, taster sessions for new menu ideas. Costings and using recipes for consistency
  4. Special diets, how to meet the needs of the individuals’ dietary needs – to include diabetics, fortification tips, IDDSI Framework for amazing texture Modified Diets.
  5. The front of house dining experience – looking at crockery, cutlery, presentation skills, garnishing and service styles.
  6. Looking at how we provide “choice” for our customers. Listening to Feedback / comment cards/ food for our customers – how to get it right using the culinary forum.
  7. Special areas – hydration stations – shakes and smoothies, fruit baskets, afternoon cakes teas
  8. Cutlery free dining – finger food.

I envisage that the Training would be a full day covering all of the subjects. All successful candidates will receive a certificate.

Level four sausage mash and baked beans puree

Sausage, mash and beans

I am currently creating some amazing recipes which could transform Dysphagia patients food options. First dish: Sausage , Creamed Potato and baked beans.

Made without using thickener. The perfect consistency, tasted amazing and looked great. This was done fresh and piped hot, no molds in sight.


In addition to providing textured modifed diet training Dining with Dignity also offer:

  • Food Hygiene awareness level 1
  • Award in Food Safety and Hygiene Level 2
  • Award in Supervising Food Safety and Hygiene (Catering Version ) Level 3

Succcess stories

Development of high-end IDDSI cuisine for the new private Cleveland Clinic hospital in London.


Textured modifed diets training

Monthly Training for Bristol City Council Care Homes


Swallowing Awareness Day LLandough University Hospital, Cardiff



We’ve worked succsessfully with a large range of organisations.